About Sugarcreek Forge

Don’t go searching for the “Made In China” label on a Sugarcreek Forge product, because you won’t find it. We work with customers directly to determine how we can best craft a specific knife for their needs.

The company was founded by Tim Troyer nearly 20 years ago when he was introduced to custom knives by a dear friend. Mentored by the generous and knowledgeable Rick Hinderer, Tim’s passion was ignited. Originally he focused on folding knives, but over the years, he has created everything from classic styles with a modern twist to Japanese-style Higonokamis. He began producing them on his own with nothing but a book and his devotion to guide him. After much trial and error, his final products became superb.

Today, Tim and his small team of highly-skilled craftsmen have ditched the traditional production line business model to personally manufacture custom kitchen knives, fixed blade knives, and folding knives from stainless steel, high carbon tool steel, laminated steel blades and even Damascus steel they have personally forged at their headquarters on West Main Street in Sugarcreek, Ohio. They continue to produce stunning custom knives that are impossible not to notice, working tirelessly to construct knives that others will enjoy and will benefit those in need.